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[nc-whois] Updated baskets and statistics.

Please find attached new statistics which take into account Tony  
Harris' and Ram Mohan's work on fixing the baskets, plus some  
additional work I did tonight, in order to get the "raw gems"  
(unqualified '#'; see my earlier message) under control (some of  
which didn't turn out to be that valuable).  The results are in the  
usual Excel sheet format; I've put them into zip files by chapter of 
the final report.

The baskets used have been extended; Kristy has put up a Word  
document with the revised baskets some two or three hours ago.   
You'll have to download that, too.

What should you do to these results?  In short: Look for anything  
interesting you notice, and write it up.  If you believe that the  
number of baskets is too large for any question, please come up with 
fewer baskets, by _merging_ existing baskets.  An example of how  
this can be done is in the preliminary report's evaluation of  
question 16.  (In that case, it's not baskets, but answers to  
multiple-choice questions.  Still, the principle remains the same.)

If you come up with such revised baskets, PLEASE DO NOT SIMPLY ADD  
UP THE NUMBERS, except in order to get a quick estimate of the  
approximate order of magnitude of the results - the categories are  
generally not mutually exclusive.  For the actual report, please  
send me a message telling me what baskets you want to have merged.   
Once I know that, I can quickly produce new statistics using the  
revised baskets.

Please note that decreasing the number of baskets is not a bad thing 
at all: You may lose some very fine-grained information, but at the  
same time, the results you have will become more robust, since  
baskets which are close to each other, and may have been interpreted 
in different ways by different members of the task force, will most  
likely put together into one category. (In fact, there are several  
questions with extremely large numbers of baskets.  In these cases,  
I'd _very_ _strongly_ suggest that you try to come up with  

Also, please note that I have the entire basketing information in a  
database, so even complex searches are easy.  If you want to know  
what questionnaires were put into a specific category in order to  
understand what is meant by that category, please don't hesitate to  
send me a message.  If you have any more advanced ideas to massage  
the data, also don't hesitate to write. I'll respond as quickly as  
possible to such inquiries.

As an alterantive, you can also search the Excel sheet contained in  
"all.zip" (attached, too), which contains _all_ the basketing  
information currently available.  Asking me to query the database  
will be the faster and easier way to get to the information, though. 

Regards, and good night,
Thomas Roessler                        <roessler@does-not-exist.org>





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