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[nc-whois] RE: [ga] Bulk WHOIS Data Issue

Dear all

I am not sure that it is yet clear where WHOIS databases fall, in terms of the European data privacy directives; there are two, as most of you know. The present online data directive is up for evaluation/assessment and that is work in progress. The E-Communications directive is still in play.  Determining where WHOIS databases fall, in terms of jurisdiction, is still work in progress, I believe.  However, as important as Europe is in the grand scheme of things, stronger Internet growth is underway in Asia Pacific and Latin America, far surpassing North America and Europe.  :-)  

However, I also suggest that more work and dialogue is needed on the difference between data about institutions, companies, organizations, versus real individuals. Public access to WHOIS data has been a key resource to law enforcement, ISPs, trademark holders, everyday users of the Internet to assess who they are doing business with.... entities, whether individual or institutional, about whether a name is available.

It is hard to make blanket statements at this point about a resource used for many and diverse purposes. 


Regards, Marilyn 

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--- Joanna Lane <jo-uk@rcn.com> wrote:
> Disclosing personal data in the Whois is unlawful in the 15 member
> nations
> of the European Union. What the WHOIS Committee and the GA thinks is
> irrelevant.

What would folks do who are after abusive registrants (e.g. UDRP cases
for TM infringement, or other matters), without the public WHOIS info?


George Kirikos

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