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[nc-whois] Comments on chapter III

First of all, thanks a lot to Marilyn and Tony for their 
presentation in Ghana.  I liked it.

Anyway, before we produce the final preliminary draft (or whatever 
we call it), here are some comments on chapter III, Uniformity and 
Centralization, which I'd like to see addressed. 

I'm using 020312-0 as the baseline; page numbers are from the print 

 - Introductory text to the questionnaire excerpt, p. 30: "In 
   particular, some of the questions address the conformity of 
   information within the ccTLDs to [other] gTLDs, ...".  Also, the 
   last sentence of that text says that "the survey asks to what 
   extent universal Whois should indeed be universal", and talks 
   about "centralization of Whois information into one universal 
   database".  This is inappropriate, since the text of the 
   questionnaire talks about uniform and centralized _access_ to 
   whois information, not about a central database, which would be 
   just one possibility to implement such access.

 - Comment on results from question 11, p. 32: It should be 
   emphasized that only about half of the governmental respondents do 
   use ccTLD whoises, and it should be mentioned that this may 
   indicate that governmental respondents may mostly come from 
   countries where gTLDs are used a lot more than ccTLDs.
 - Comments on results from question 12, p. 33; second paragraph of 
   the text: The first sentence seems to be hardly understandable, 
   and should be removed.  The second sentence should be changed like 
   this: "Across all categories, the vast majority of respondents 
   indicated that uniformity of data elements should exist across 
   gTLDs and ccTLDs, with percentages ranging from 80% to 93%."

 - Comments on question 13, p. 33:  In the first sentence, replace 
   "across whois data format and services" by "in whois data format 
   and services".  In the second sentence, delete "no category ... 
   the concept".  The last sentence needs explanation of what kind 
   of ambiguity is claimed to exist here.
 - Comments on question 14.c, p. 35: Should be "centralized access 
   to WHOIS databases across all TLDs", not "centralized access to 
   all TLDs".
 - Comments on question 15, p. 36:  The text should clearly mention 
   that we are talking about centralized access to databases, not 
   about a centralized database.  Suggestion for the beginning of 
   the sentence in question:  "When asked who should bear the cost 
   burden of implementing centralized access to whois databases, the 

Miriam, any comments?

Thomas Roessler                        <roessler@does-not-exist.org>
nc-whois document repository:     <http://does-not-exist.org/whois/>

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