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RE: [nc-whois] RE: Teleconference notes from 12/5/01

I have no problem with distributing to the constituencies.  I have assumed
that they will be posted on the archives, and so of course available to all.

Please note I suggested a couple of very minor changes for clarification.
From my personal perspective, I see no reason you couldn't share in this
form, noting that a couple of clarifications might still be received. 

I note that Philip is not on this list. Paul, I don't believe I have his
email address. Tim, can you provide Philip's email? And, forward to him in
the meantime?



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From: Sapiro, Miriam [mailto:MSapiro@verisign.com]
Sent: Friday, December 07, 2001 6:13 PM
To: 'Steve Metalitz'; Marilyn Cade; Paul M. Kane; tim@tmdenton.com;
WHOIS Committee - DNSO; Laurence Djolakian
Subject: RE: [nc-whois] RE: Teleconference notes from 12/5/01

hi - does anyone see a problem sharing the final version of these minutes
with our constituences?  if so please let me know by cob monday. (i will be
away but ask my assistant to check my emails) thanks, miriam

Miriam Sapiro
Director of International Policy

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From: Steve Metalitz [mailto:metalitz@iipa.com]
Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2001 10:18 AM
To: Marilyn Cade; Paul M. Kane; tim@tmdenton.com; Steve Metalitz; WHOIS
Committee - DNSO; Laurence Djolakian
Subject: [nc-whois] RE: Teleconference notes from 12/5/01

WHOIS Task Force members:

Here are notes from this morning's call.  As I cannot post to the list and
am not sure that the addressees above are a complete list, please feel free
to forward as appropriate.  

Steve Metalitz

Notes of conference call, WHOIS Task Force,  Dec. 5, 2001

PRESENT (for all or part):  Paul Kane (chair), Phillip Grabensee, YJ Park,
Marilyn Cade, Miriam Sapiro, Laurence Djolakian, Tony Harris, Danny Younger,
Oscar Robles, Steve Metalitz

New members of the TF are Laurence Djolakian (IPC) and Phillip Grabensee
(Registrar).   Thanks to Axel aus der Muhlen for his service.  

Steve Metalitz volunteered as scribe.

All TF members acknowledged having received the survey response material
previously distributed.  ICANN staff advises that they will send the
complete responses from 300 respondents, selected as requested by the TF,
within one week (i.e., by 12/12).   Paul Kane urged TF members to review the
previously distributed "Whois part 2" responses which give all the free text
answers to each question in numerical order of respondents (not sorted).  

Marilyn Cade and Miriam Sapiro volunteered their technical staffs to assist
with production of the report (e.g., graphics summarizing the statistical

A common framework for reviewing responses was discussed.  It was agreed
that reviewers need to remain flexible, but that they should (1) seek to
categorize free text responses within existing categories in the survey, and
(2) list responses that cannot be categorized within existing categories as
well as suggestions for policy changes and bring these back to the TF for
discussion.  The TF report may wish to comment on or raise issues about
solutions that are proposed by survey respondents.  

Each constituency may name up to two observers and are to notify the TF of
these people and their contact information within one week (by Dec. 12).
These observers will assist the task force member; all raw data can be
shared with them.  However, all TF communications will go through the TF
member and two lists will be maintained, one consisting only of TF members,
one including the observers.  

No comments were received on the time line for the report. 

The outline of the interim report was reviewed.  It is to be a "living
document" and not limited to reporting the results of the survey.  

The following TF members are eligible to serve as chair or co-chair (because
they are Names Council members):  Laurence, Tony, YJ, Marilyn, Oscar,
Phillip (upon his election to the NC).   There was discussion of whether
there should be one chair or two co-chairs.  Eligible persons wishing to put
their names forward for either chair or co-chair are asked to do so by COB
local time Friday 12/7/01.  Paul will generate a ballot for distribution and
voting period will end COB local time 12/14/01.  

The TF members unanimously commended Paul Kane for his leadership. Paul bade
farewell to the TF and the meeting adjourned. 

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From: Cade,Marilyn S - LGA [mailto:mcade@att.com]
Sent: Monday, December 03, 2001 8:59 PM
To: Paul M. Kane; tim@tmdenton.com; Steve Metalitz; Laurence Djolakian;
WHOIS Committee - DNSO
Cc: Juliano,Marie M - LGA
Subject: Teleconference dial information for Wednesday, 8:30 am. EST -US
Importance: High

Dear colleagues

The dial information for the WHOIS call on Wednesday, Dec. 5 is provided

In determining the number of ports, I believe that it would be premature to
include the observers whom many of you are recruiting to assist with the
reading of the responses (beyond the 300 we all agreed to all read), since
not all have reported a successful "recruitment".

Therefore, I have reserved ports for this call only for the TF members and
for those additional transitional members (e.g. Steve/Laurence;
Paul/Tim/Philip, but did not plan ports for those observers from the
constituencies and the GA.   Following this meeting, once constituencies/GA
have identified their observers/assistants, a conference call to brief all
can be held.  

At Wednesday's meeting, as I understand it, we will seek to agree on a draft
framework for the analysis as one of our priorities.

Please rsvp to Marie Juliano (my administrative assistant) regarding your
participation in Wednesday's call, so that we can ensure that we have
sufficient ports.  Marie will provide a list of the confirmed participants
to the operator.

Marie's email is above.

Marie, can you check with Nakia Johnson, get the details, and then verify
that we have the conf. bridge for 1 1/ 2 hours? Several of our participants
are located in other regions, hence the importance of international access.

I believe that Paul Kane will be reposting the agenda for the Wed. call. 

Marilyn Cade

The dial in number for next Wednesday's (December 5th) WHOIS conference call
is as follows:

Dial-in Number:  (225) 383-8961 (This number is Internationally accessible)
Host Code:  546-860
Participant Code:  995-359

If you should encounter any problems with this number, please call Marie
Juliano at, 202-457-2789.  If a noise or technical problem should occur
while you are on line, dial "#0" and the operator will assist you.


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