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Re: [nc-udrp] DRP Trademarks?

> my review of the information you have provided
> seems to fall within the parameters of fair use.

I certainly agree with you, but that is not relevant to the question.

My question whether DRP's have a policy, which presumably they would require
their panelists to agree.

That is why I used the words "Do any of the DRP's have a policy on the use of
their trademarks in
attorney advertising?"  If I had wondered whether a panelist could identify
themselves as such, I would have asked that question instead.

I do not believe that if any of the DRP's had such a policy that action
contrary to the policy would be deemed "fair use".  Conversely, in the
absence of a policy to which panelists assented, then of course factual
statements relevant to the provision of legal services are usually
permissible in attorney advertising.

Accordingly, the question is what, if any, policies are in place.  Elsewhere
Mr. Mansfield seems to have taken offense to the question, calling it a
"ludicrous" analysis.  They always told me in school that the only "dumb
question" is the one which is not asked.


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