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[nc-udrp] DRP Trademarks?

We had discussed the issue of DRP's potentially claiming copyright in UDRP
decisions (results - no: eRes, WIPO, CPRADR;  indeterminate/no response: NAF,
ADNDRC), but I wonder if any of the DRP's claim or police their trademarks in
connection with advertising by third parties.

For example, anyone who has been on the internet long enough to remember the
seminal "Green Card Lawyer" Usenet spam, will certainly get a kick out of
this recent spam posted to a usenet newsgroup:

From: "Andrew Mansfield" <mansfield@pobox.com>
Newsgroups: alt.domain-names.disputes
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 2003 10:00:49 GMT

I am an attorney specializing in domain name disputes.  I currently serve as
an arbitrator for WIPO but I am available to represent clietns.  See my
website at http://www.mendolaw.com.

Andrew Mansfield

I suppose the word "but" is intended to dispel the quaint notion that someone
might otherwise think that a neutral is impaired from representing others in
the same forum in which he or she is engaged as a neutral.

Upon visiting the spamvertised website, prospective "clietns" are informed:

Mr. Mansfield is a domain name arbitrator for the World Intellectual Property
Organization (WIPO).  Put one of the arbitrators in the complex field of UDRP
disputes to work for you.  Prior to his work for WIPO, Mr. Mansfield served
as a domain name arbitrator for another ICANN accredited institution,
Domain Name Cases are Handled on a Flat Fee Basis.  Call for a free
consultation and quote.

Presumably the statement "Put one of the arbitrators in the complex field of
UDRP disputes to work for you" is intended to suggest that the status of
accredited UDRP panelist [1] confers a relevant advantage of some kind in
undertaking matters of the kind solicited in this advertisement.

Do any of the DRP's have a policy on the use of their trademarks in attorney

I note for other enterprising panelists, that wipopanelist.com and
nafpanelist.com are currently available for registration.

John  Berryhill

[1]   I am unaware of administrative proceedings under the UDRP having been
elevated to the legal status of arbitrations, and every court to consider the
issue has expressly rejected applying principles of review of arbitration

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