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J. Scott, I would be happy to work on the survey responses since I am already familiar with the DNSO ones.
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Dear All:
My apologies again for the technical glitch that kept you all from receiving this message yesterday.  As we agreed on the call earlier, please review the materials listed in this message and attached hereto.  By Wednesday, December 11, 2002, everyone should identify the area in which they wish to concentrate their efforts as we distill this information.  Essentially, I envision two groups:  1) working on the summarizing and identifying issues presented in the 11 papers listed below and 2) another group working with the survey responses.
Please post all discussion to the list.
Thank you again for your time and dedication.
J. Scott

A. The most current version of the "UDRP Review and Evaluation, Terms
of Reference" document can be found at

B. DNSO UDRP Questionnaire (includes French and Spanish links) -

C. All responses (155) per question can be found at
Each individual response per questionnaire can be found at

D. ICANN UDRP Questionnaire (see attachment below)

E. Responses to ICANN Questionnaire (see attachment below)

F. Task Force summaries (see attachments below)
Katrina Burchell (1-9, 56-65)
J. Scott Evans (25-32)
Maxim H. Waldbaum (108-115)
Prof. Dr. Hong (124-131)
M. Scott Donahey (66-73)
James A. Carmody (82-89)
Neil Dundas (9-16)
Jeffrey J. Neuman (17-24)
Timothy S. Cole (90-98)
Graeme Dinwoodie (132-140)

G. Chicoine "summary of summaries" (see attachment)
In general, I identified the following POTENTIAL areas of reform.

Procedural Issues
(1) Make the process of electronic versus paper filing of complaint and exhibits more clear.
(2) Improve searchability of decisions
(3) Difficulty finding Registrar's rules that applied at the time the Registrant registered the domain name
(4) Improve accuracy, availability and searchability of Whois information
(5) Improve the effectuation of a transfer/cancellation order
(6) Revisit who should select provider
(7) Amendment of complaints under certain limited circumstances
(8) Amendment of responses under certain limited circumstances
(9) Transfer of case to another Provider under certain limited circumstances
(10) Uniformity of supplemental rules
(11) Public accessibility of complaints and answers with certain limitations/exceptions
(12) Central availability of UDRP decisions
(13) No refiling of UDRP involving same domain name and same registrant except under certain limited circumstances.
(14) Ability to withdraw complaint, but under certain circumstances and with certain consequences (with prejudice, fine)
(15) instituting some sort of penalty for a finding of reverse domain name hijacking
(16) impose quality control measures with respect to provider and panelists
(17) allow for partial refund of provider fee depending if and when a case settles.

Substantive Issues
(1) Interpretation of "identical or confusingly similar to"
(2) Whether to include some affirmative defenses expressly in the policy
(3) Mixed view on precedential value of decisions
(4) Mixed view on ability to appeal (if so, some recommendations included same provider, but different panelists; different provider; appealing party pays for appeal, but costs for appellant if successful; level of deference with respect to findings of fact "abuse of discretion and with respect to law" or "de novo")
(5) changing "registration and use" to "registration or use"
(6) Allow pending trademark applications as a basis for establishing rights in a mark provided use has occurred
(7) no expansion of scope of disputes handled under UDRP except as set forth above

H. Third party studies/papers.   Caroline could not find a link for the Rose Communications, S.L. paper so it is attached.

(1) ICANN's "Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy" - Causes and
(Partial) Cures, Prof. A. Michael Froomkin -

(2) Max Plank Institute Study -

(3) Rough Justice, Prof. Milton Mueller -

(4) UDRP-A Success Story? A Rebuttal to the Analysis and Conclusions
of Professor Milton Mueller in Rough Justice, N. Branthover (INTA) -

(5) Divergence in the UDRP and the Need for Appellate Review, M.
Scott Donahey -

(6) Designing Non-National Systems: The Case of the Uniform Domain
Name Dispute Resolution Policy, L. Helfer and G. Dinwoodie -

(7) Fair.com, Prof. Michael Geist -

(8) Fundamentally Fair.com? An Update on Bias Allegations and the
ICANN UDRP, Prof. Michael Geist -

(9) The UDRP by All Accounts Works Effectively - Rebuttal to
Analysis and Conclusions of Professor Michael Geist in "Fair.com?" and
"Fundamentally Fair.com?", INTA Internet Committee -

(10) A Response to INTA's Rebuttal of Fair.com (Prof. Michael Geist)
(11) Katsh Memo addressed to the Task Force at
(12) Patrick L. Jones article at
Useful web site at

Caroline G. Chicoine - cchicoine@thompsoncoburn.com (IPC)
Sarah Deutsch -
sarah.b.deutsch@verizon.com (Business)
Neil Duncan Dundas -
ndundas@africaip.com (ccTLD)
J. Scott Evans -
jse@adamspat.com (Chair)
Antonio Harris -
harris@cabase.org.ar (ISP)
Michael Froomkin -
froomkin@law.miami.edu (NCDNH)
Michael Palage -
michael@palage.com (Registrar)
Philip Sheppard -philip.sheppard@aim.be (Complainant)
M. Scott Donahey - msd@tzmm.com (CPR Panelist)
Ethan Katsh - katsh@legal.umass.edu (eResolution Panelist)
James A. Carmody -
carmody@lawyer.com (NAF Panelist)
Tim Cole -
tcole@arb-forum.com (NAF Provider)
John Berryhill -
jberryhill@ddhs.com (Respondent)
Maxim Waldbaum -
mwaldbaum@salans.com (WIPO Panelist)
Erik Wilbers -
erik.wilbers@wipo.int (WIPO Provider)
Dan Steinberg -
synthesis@videotron.ca (GA Member)
Joon Hyung Hong -
joonh@chollian.net (Independent ADR expert)
Graeme Dinwoodie -
gdinwood@kentlaw.edu (Independent academic expert)
Ramesh Kumar Nadarajah -
ramesh@mimos.my (Independent ADR expert)
Erick Iriarte -
faia@amauta.rcp.net.pe (ccTLD)
Chirstopher To - christopher@hkiac.org (ADNDRC Provider)
Dr. Xue Hong -  rainbow@cnnic.net.cn (ADNDRC Panelist)

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