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[nc-udrp] PLEASE READ FULL MESSAGE - Responses to Earlier e-mail and conference call 11/19/02

Dear All:
After hearing back from several members, I believe the best time for a conference call would be 15:00 UTC on November 19, 2002.
I will provide call in detail no later than close of business Tuesday, November 18th (U.S. EST).

To the best of my calculations 15:00 UTC is:
Washington D.C. - 10:00 AM EST (UTC -5 hrs)
St. Louis - 9:00 AM CST  (UTC -6 hrs)
Phoenix - 8:00 AM MST  (UTC -7 hrs)
Los Angeles - 7:00 AM PST (UTC -8 hrs)
London - 3:00 PM
Paris -  4:00 PM (UTC +1 hr)
South Africa - 6:00 PM (UTC +2 hrs)
Argentina - 12:00 PM (UTC -3 hrs)
Korea - 12 AM (UTC +9 hrs)
Japan - 12 AM (UTC +9 hrs)
China - 11 PM (UTC +8 hrs)
Melbourne - 1 AM (UTC +10 hrs)
Sydney - 1 AM (UTC +10 hrs)

So far I have received acknowledgements from the following people that they would like to continue on the TF:
Caroline Chicoine - Intellectual Property Constituency
Neil Duncan Dundas - ccTLD Constituency
Jeff Neuman - gTLD Constituency
Antonio Harris - ISPCP Constituency
Michael Froomkin - NCDNH Constituency
Michael Palage - Registrar Constituency
M. Scott Donahey - CPR Panelist
Ethan Katsh - eResolution Panelist
James A. Carmody - NAF Panelist
Tim Cole - NAF Provider
John D. Berryhill - Respondent
Maxim Waldbaum - WIPO Panelist
Dan Steinberg - GA Member
Dr. Joon Hyung Hong - Independent ADR Expert
Graeme Dinwoodie - Independent Academic Expert
I have also received responses for the following saying they would NOT be able to continue on the TF:
Katrina Burchell - Complainant
F. Peter Phillips - CPR Provider
I have not heard from the following:
Erik Wilbers - WIPO Provider
Dr. Joelle Thibault - eResolution Provider
I would appreciate hearing from those who have yet to respond to my earlier missives regarding continued participation.  In addition, please confirm whether you will be able to attend the conference call.
J. Scott Evans

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