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RE: [nc-udrp] URGENT PLEAE REVIEW!! - Resurrection of the UDRP Ev aluation Task Force

It is sometimes useful to be more specific when one uses the word "day"
among folks who are located at various spots on the globe.  A "day" from
sunup in Hong Kong to sunset over the pacific lasts 48 hours.  By noon on
the 19th in the Western US, it is already well into the the 20th in

This fact generates a recurring procedural issue in UDRP proceedings.

For example, people who live east of Minneapolis enjoy a slight advantage
over people who live west of Minneapolis in NAF proceedings, as the NAF is
the only dispute resolution provider which does not recognize any other time
zone than their own.  The International Date Line shaves a day off of the
response time for those just to the west of it, and the NAF has repeatedly
insisted that such respondents must nevertheless respond in 19 days, rather
than the 20 days specified in the rules.

(which, again, works out to less than 19 days, since the NAF requires actual
receipt of the full response, rather than submission of the response as
specified in the rules)

For those unfamiliar with US zones and daylight savings time, or the
location of Mr. Evans, you should assume that dates and times given by Mr.
Evans are at UTC-5:00

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