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Re: [nc-transfer] Re: Draft Resolution

Thanks Marilyn, for all the hard work and direction moving us towards this!

Marilyn Cade wrote:

> Transfer TF Members:
> Today, in the NC meeting, the NC approved the policy recommendations, 
> called for the estblishment of an implementations issues working group 
> or committee, and gave a firm time line for that work, noted the 
> importance of having user participation/liaison from the TF to the 
> implementation group's work [Registrar and Registry plus ICANN staff], 
> noted that there are no policy change responsibilities envisioned for 
> the implementation process -- any policy changes would have to be 
> undertaken at teh NC/probably via the TF, and noted the importance of 
> getting the work done so that a final report can be sent to the Board 
> for their approval in March BD meeting. After extensive discussion, 
> including support for the importance of the implementation issues 
> work, and expressions of concern by one of the registry reps, and 
> after expressions of support from other constituencies, including the 
> registrar constiuency, and with the addition of the implementation 
> issues working effort, there was unanimous approval of the policy 
> recommendations in the TF report.
> Congratulations to the extensive work of the TF members.
> I will be consulting with the TF members regarding representation and 
> participation in the implementation work effort. We are close to being 
> "done", and yet our final tasks will be very critical.
> The Registrars and Registries have made it very clear that they are 
> committed to providing the resources to provide the information 
> regarding implementation issues in the time frame ahead. That is 
> tremendously important, and I wish to express my thanks for that, 
> especially those who have made personal outreach to make their intent 
> and interest clear.
> This additional communication by the constituency members is 
> tremedously positive and welcomed, and again, my thanks to the TF, and 
> to all of the community members, including the ICANN staff for your 
> work, and for your support and participation in the next step... which 
> will be the final one for the Transfer Task Force.
>> From: Grant Forsyth <Grant.Forsyth@team.telstraclear.co.nz>
>> To: "'nc-transfer@dnso.org'" <nc-transfer@dnso.org>, 
>> "'DNSO.SECRETARIAT@dnso.org'" <DNSO.SECRETARIAT@dnso.org>, 
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>> <marilynscade@hotmail.com>
>> CC: 'Philip Sheppard' <philip.sheppard@aim.be>
>> Subject: Draft Resolution
>> Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 15:25:39 +1300
>> Marilyn, Glen and fellow Transfer TF members
>> Here is the draft resolution for consideration by the Names Council
>> (For fellow TF members, this resolution includes the change that I
>> circulated following our last audio)
>> I look forward to joining you on the call tonight (my time)
>> Grant Forsyth
>> BC Names Council Representative
>> BC member of the Transfers Task Force
>> Whereas in early 2001 complaints were raised regarding denials of 
>> requested
>> transfers which prompted Verisign Registrar on 25 May 2001 to impose 
>> its own
>> approach to the problem, which then prompted ICANN President, Stuart 
>> Lynn,
>> on 27 August 2001 to write to the Registrar Constituency recommending 
>> that a
>> new policy be created, which resulted in the Names Council on a 
>> conference
>> call of 11 October 2001 to form the Transfers Task Force with terms of
>> reference as recorded at:
>> http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/nc-transfer/Arc00/doc00000.doc
>> Whereas the Transfers Task Force considered the issues surrounding
>> Transfers,
>> took submissions and consultations and drafted a set of policy
>> recommendations,
>> this effort being recorded at:
>> http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/nc-transfer/Arc00/mail9.html
>> Whereas the Names Council Transfers Task Force presents a 
>> comprehensive set
>> of policy and process recommendations in the form of the attached 
>> report,
>> "Inter-Registrar Domain Name Transfer: Principles and Process for 
>> Gaining
>> and Losing Registrars" (IRDX report) version [XX] revision [X] 
>> [XX.X], the
>> latest
>> copy of which is can be found at:
>> http://www.byte.org/nc-transfers/final/
>> or
>> http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/nc-transfer/Arc00/ and is attached 
>> [Ross to
>> attach latest report]
>> [Whereas some members of the Names Council wish to have recorded 
>> alternative
>> wording to the final IRDX report, those Minority Reports can be found 
>> at:
>> <web address included> ](Note: this part of the resolution would only 
>> make
>> its way through to the final resolution should there be a Minority
>> Report(s))
>> THE NAMES COUNCIL RESOLVES, on the recommendation of the Transfers Task
>> Force, that:
>> 1. The ICANN Board accept the policy and process recommendations 
>> contained
>> within the IRDX report <version x.y (final version number to be inserted
>> here)>;
>> 2. The ICANN Board should direct the ICANN staff to form an 
>> "Implementation
>> Committee" of
>> affected and interested parties to draft the detailed processes 
>> necessary to
>> give effect to
>> the policies included in the Transfer Task Force's IRDX report such that
>> negotiations and
>> contract revisions can be expedited.
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