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[nc-transfer] Modifications per call notes

Forgive the text formatting here, I would like to ensure that these final
modifications continue to reflect our prior agreements;

Consensus Recommendations # 26 - 29 inclusive (not 1-4 as noted);

  1.. That Registrars have access to a suitable process(es) by which they
can dispute any specific transfers that they might object to after the fact
(ie - a dispute resolution processes as outlined in the Reference
Implementation described elsewhere in this report).

  2.. That Registries implement a "Transfer Undo" command that will assist
Registrants and Registrars in resetting a domain name back to its original
state in the event that a transfer has occurred in contravention of the
recommendations of this document.

  3.. That these policy recommendations be revisited by the DNSO three, six,
twelve and twenty-four months after implementation to determine;

    1.. How effectively and to what extent the policies have been
implemented and adopted by Registrars, Registries and Registrants.

    2.. Whether or not modifications to these policies should be considered
by the DNSO as a result of the experiences gained during the implementation
and monitoring stages.

  4.. The Task Force has completed two supplementary documents ("Exhibit A,
Reference Implementation" and "Exhibit B, Standardized Definitions") in
support of these recommendations. These exhibits are submitted as guidance
to those that will be required to craft and/or implement the policies
adopted as a result of these recommendations.

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