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[nc-transfer] Registrar Impact Analysis for Final Report


Please find to follow a brief analysis of the impact of these
recommendations on the registrar community. I have attempted to restrict the
analysis to items that may affect all registrars rather than trying to
identify issues that may crop up on a limited basis.

Comments and feedback welcomed;

This report contemplates many new and/or modified obligations that may or
may not be fully understood by ALL registrars. It will be important to
ensure that ICANN and the DNSO are prepared to undertake a level of outreach
and education necessary to ensure that all ICANN Accredited Registrars are
aware of and compliant with these new and modified obligations. Some of the
new or modified obligations contained in this report are more stringent than
prior policies have allowed. This will require Registrars to ensure that
their internal systems and processes are compliant with any policies enacted
as a result of these recommendations.

Some of the recommendations contained in this report will require Registrars
to modify, to varying degrees, their internal technical systems in a manner
that will support any policies enacted as a result of this report. While the
degree of modification will vary from Registrar to Registrar, the Task Force
does not believe the costs incurred as a result of these modifications will
be substantial. Further, anecdotal evidence suggests that the long-term
benefits achieved through the implementation of standardized processes in
some areas of the transfer process will result in increased consumer
confidence and therefore outweigh any short-term costs involved.

Further to this point, many registrars already employ systems which are, or
could be with minimal enhancement, comply with the recommendations made in
this proposal.

Also, because there is no requirement that the processes implemented as a
result of any policy implemented as a result of these obligations be
technically automated. Therefore, Registrars maintain full control over
their cost structure in the face of these new and modified obligations.


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