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[nc-transfer] Invitation to Registrars and Registries to discussion with Transfer Task Force - 11/12/02 - 12: 30 p.m. EST - 2:30 p.m. EST

Ross, Jeff/Christine

On behalf of the Transfer Task Force, would you post this to your respective constituencies:

To those of you who were in Shanghai, thank you for participating in the impromptu discussion which the Transfer Task Force
hosted on Sunday. We offered at that time to host a second follow on discussion with interested parties.  We also invited the registrars
who signed onto the letter regarding concerns related to auto-ack, to discuss their views and input with the Task Force. We again
extend that invitation to those registrars, and will include, in the agenda, a 20 minute time slot for that particular discussion.

This is our invitation to a call with the Task Force for Tuesday, 11/12, 12:30 p.. -2:30 p.m. We will post a bridge on Monday for the call.  

We expect to post a document summarizing key elements of the Interim Report document, on Monday, for use in guiding the call 
on Tuesday, so that we will have a structured and productive dialogue/comment period.  For the call, we recommend that you have at hand the posted Interim Report, available at www.dnso.org and the document which will be posted to the Registrar and Registry lists, by your TF representatives on Monday. 

This is not the usual time for the Transfer Task Force call but is the best time to get as many of the TF members as possible for this
further dialogue with interested constituency members from the Registrar and Registry constituencies. 

We did get some very useful feedback in the Shanghai impromptu meeting and the Task Force continues to seek comments and feedback to include
and advise on the final recommendations in its final report.  We want to honor our commitment to this further discussion/comment opportunity.

It will be helpful if you will RSVP to Glen,  noted above in email, that you will participate, so that we can ensure enough ports. 

Also, the Conference call will have a transcript, which will be posted on the Transfer TF site. 

Our schedule is to post our final report the week of 11/24, incorporating the input which we have received. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Open Comments site is scheduled to close on 11/8. However, given the schedule of this call, we will of course
expect to receive further comments from the call participants. We will discuss on the call how to ensure that any late comments
are forwarded to the TF, and also provided into the open comments record.  I believe our recommendation will be that, for anyone
on the call with further comments to submit, that they submit them through their TF representatives, AFTER Tuesday's call.  

We appreciate your participation.

Marilyn Cade, as chair, on behalf of the Transfer  Task Force

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