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RE: [nc-transfer] Bee in the bonnet...

I think this is reasonable. more than "wait and see", though, probably more
likely  we need feedback in some usable form from the existing users of EPP 
which can be inluded as an insert, and then some assessment about time frame 
which it has been used; feedback from staff and community/users/registries.


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..something that I'd like to discuss during the next appropriate call.

Given that it is likely that the final report will have built-in review
process, we might want to punt on making EPP specific recommendations at
this juncture given that the standard has yet to be ratified and that
Verisign has not yet adopted it. This is a poli-co-speak way of stating that
it might be possible that the community does not have enough experience with
EPP at this juncture to make specific recommendations regarding policy
specifics (other than the obvious, "maybe we should wait and see what pops
up" type of recommendations)...

Thoughts? Comments? Defer until the call?



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