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[nc-transfer] Draft Resolution

Fellow task force members
This is the slightly updated draft resolution.
The only change is to the 2nd resolution and represents Jeff's suggestion
that we not be too explicit as to how ICANN implement our policy
recommendations (hence I have left out mention of specific contracts).

Whereas in early 2001 complaints were raised regarding denials of requested
transfers which prompted Verisign Registrar on 25 May 2001 to impose its own
approach to the problem, which then prompted ICANN President, Stuart Lynn,
on 27 August 2001 to write to the Registrar Constituency recommending that a
new policy be created, which resulted in the Names Council on a conference
call of 11 October 2001 to form the Transfers Task Force with terms of
reference as recorded at:

Whereas the Transfers Task Force had been deflected from its primary task of
reviewing the issues surrounding Transfers and developing policy to address
Transfers by a request to consider the issues surrounding Verisign's request
to ICANN to launch a Wait List Service (WLS) (transactions on that effort
are recorded on various lists found at:

Whereas having dealt to the issue of WLS, the Transfers Task Force resumed
its work of considering the issues surrounding Transfers and drafted a set
of policy recommendations, this effort being recorded at:

Whereas the Names Council Transfers Task Force presents a comprehensive set
of policy and process recommendations in the form of the attached report,
"Inter-Registrar Domain Name Transfer: Principles and Process for Gaining
and Losing Registrars" (IRDX report) version 2 revision 0 (2.0), the latest
copy of which is can be found at:
http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/nc-transfer/Arc00/ and is attached [Ross to
attach latest report]

[Whereas some members of the Names Council wish to have recorded alternative
wording to the final IRDX report, those Minority Reports can be found at:
<web address included> ](Note: this part of the resolution would only make
its way through to the final resolution should there be a Minority

The Names Council resolves, on the recommendation of the Transfers Task
Force, that:
1. The ICANN Board accept the policy and process recommendations contained
within the IRDX report <version x.y (final version number to be inserted
2. The NC Resolves that the ICANN Board should direct the ICANN staff to
conduct negotiations toward appropriate revisions to agreements between
ICANN and the gTLD Registries and gTLD Registrars as appropriate to
implement the recommendations in the IRDX report. 

Hope this is useful and gets us closer to closing off this important matter

Grant Forsyth
Business Constituency Rep 
Transfers Task Force

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