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[nc-transfer] For tomorrow's presentation on WLS -- revised recommendations based no Public Forum

*	The following policy recommendations are provided to the Names Council  for adoption and forwarding to the ICANN Board.

*	The ICANN Board move with all haste to implement and actively enforce the proposed Redemptions Grace Period for Deleted Names policy and practice
*	The ICANN Board rejects Verisign's request to amend its agreement to enable it to introduce its proposed WLS.
*	The ICANN Board rejects Verisign's request to trial the WLS for 12 months.
Recommendations  - alternate
*	Should the ICANN Board not accept the policy recommendations noted above and grant Verisign's request for a change to its agreement and a 12 month trial of its WLS, we would further recommend that:

*	The introduction of the WLS be dependent on the implementation and proven (for not less than 3 months) practice envisaged in the proposed Redemptions Grace Period for Deleted Names policy and practice and the establishment of a standard deletion period.
*	[Verisign has proposd an interim Grace Period. The TF questioned whether the characteristics would be the same as the "ICANN Redempton grace period" and indicated their support for the latter. There was no support detected for a process which differed from the ICCAN Redemption process. The TF is open to hearing more from Verisign on the characteristics of the "interim Redemptions proposal.  Christine Russo agreed to pursue such information.
*	Several of the Constituencies remain concerned that a standard deletion period be established and implemented. This could be considered separately from WLS. The TF will seek comment on this.
*	The WLS include a requirement that notice be provided by the registry (through the registrar) to the existing registrant of a domain name when a WLS option is taken out against that registrant's domain name. 
*	The WLS include a requirement for full transparency as to who has placed a WLS option on a domain name and the registrar that actions the option.
*	Based on the above two  points (notice and transparency), the price for the WLS be set at the same amount as the current registry fee for a registration - the cost of the WLS function being no more, and probably less than a registration -- plus any additional costs to 'notice and transparency' based on Verisign's provision of validating information to the Board/staff.

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