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[nc-transfer] RE: Transfers TF .... reminder

Folks, this is a reminder email.

I am still waiting to hear from the Registry Constituency, the ccTLDs and
from the GA re a Transfers TF member. 

Comments on all documents welcomed! IF you are having trouble with the time
frame on the ToR and need more time, please let me know.  

At this point, I plan to schedule a conference call with Louie Touton for
the TF, probably for next week. 
Only changes in this version is that I spell checked it! <<TR-TF terms of

>  -----Original Message-----
> From: 	Cade,Marilyn S - LGA  
> Sent:	Wednesday, November 21, 2001 10:27 PM
> To:	'Ross Rader'; 'Elana Broitman'; 'Mike Palage'; 'Transfer TF'; 'Bruce
> Beckwith'; 'Milton'; 'Pdeblanc'; 'Tim Denton'; 'Mark McFadden'; 'Danny
> Younger'
> Cc:	'Glen'; 'Glen De Saint Gery'
> Subject:	Transfers TF .... 
> I do not expect this to be read by the US folks until Monday. However, I
> wanted to get it posted so that folks can look at it as they are online
> over the next few days.  
> The roadmap to the attachments --
> --Transfers TF - work program: this document is both an update and
> describes several changes and the work program. It needs the attention of
> the TF representatives. IF your constituency hasn't provided a single rep,
> OR, if I don't yet have confirmation of who that is, please call me at
> (202)255-7348, and we will coordinate how you provide input until you get
> a rep confirmed.  Please note that I really have to insist that input be
> centralized through your TF rep.  If your constituency has multiple
> inputs, we need to rely on you to manage to consensus within the
> constituency.  IF there are minority opinions, I suggest that you present
> them as that.  Action by each TF rep needed. 
> Danny, for the GA, I believe that you are in the process of notifying me
> of a nominee? I apologize for not clarifying that when we saw each other
> in MdR.  
> Peter deBlanc: let me know about the ccTLDs.
> Registry Constituency:  I need a single representative from your
> constituency.  
> Thanks to those of you who finalized this decision.
> --Second attachment: Transfers TF composition. Clarification document.  It
> is existing policy of NC. Provided as a background. No action requested. 
> --Third attachment: TR-TF terms of reference. I made some edits on the
> section of the actual Terms of Reference, including it to a separate page.
> The rest of the document is really background and status.
> Please focus your thoughts and edits on the ToR.  If you have corrections
> or illuminations to the first part of the document, happy to hear them. I
> believe that the ToR should be the priority.
> I know this is short turn around for initial input, but please do the best
> you can, and let me know what problems you encounter to conclude
> consultation.  This is just creating the work agenda, and it can be
> modified as we work, so please assure your constituencies of that as you
> represent their views. 
> In particular, if you wish to keep the ToR open, say so. If needed, we can
> start with a preliminary ToR.  
> Scheduling of Meetings/conference calls:  My suggestion is to start a
> bi-weekly work program, with conference calls every two weeks for 1 1/2
> hours, with a specific agenda, presentations, and outputs.  I'll provide
> the dial in conference bridge, and I suggest that we start each call at
> 7:30 a.m. EST, which I believe manages the time for our A-P and European
> colleagues... let me know about that little item. 
> I plan to schedule the first call with Louie Touton either late next week,
> or early the first week of December. based on his availability.  In this
> instance, we will work around Louie's schedule and availability and I ask
> your flexibility on this.  This is an example of a call which I would like
> to have you decide if you have multiple participants on, but remember that
> you will still have to designate a single spokesperson for your
> constituency/GA view. :-)
>   << File: Transfers TF- work program-update.doc >>  << File: Transfers TF
> Composition.doc >> 
> Happy Thanksgiving to the US folks!  But, for those of you from other
> countries,  I'm available  Friday online. 
> I've erred on the side of inclusiveness of anyone who has previously been
> on the TR-TF list as I know it.  But, if you have a TF rep, please work
> through them. IF not yet, please call me and let's work out a plan to get
> a rep identified.   
> Best regards, Marilyn

TR-TF terms of ref2.doc

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