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[nc-transfer] Transition to WG

Dear Marilyn,

I call your attention to the language adopted by the NC with respect to 
Working Groups:

"In addition to the above groups the NC will from time to time form a DNSO 
working group (WG) with a membership open to all DNSO participants. The WG 
objective is to formulate positions on policies, facilitate the development 
of consensus support for policies and to produce a report to the NC 
highlighting these positions and level of support. See the separate 
Procedures for Working Groups for full detail [in preparation]."

With regard to the issue of transfers, as our objective is indeed to 
formulate a position on a policy, to facilitate the development of consensus 
support for such policy, and to produce a report for the NC highlighting 
positions and their level of support, allow me to ask when you intend to 
transition this Task Force into an open working group environment as per the 
procedures of the NC?

If we don't abide by procedures and definitions, any registrar will be at 
liberty to challenge our results and will assuredly prevail in the subsequent 
review, arbitration, or judicial process.

Best regards,

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