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RE: [nc-transfer] NC Task Force

Bruce,  FYI. 

You have an outstanding commitment to the TF for an informational posting. I
am anxious to ensure that you get that information posted.

As chair, I hope to ensure that everyone gets to have their views heard. You
volunteered to provide some key input, and the TF welcomed that perspective.
However, we did expect your posting pre-call, and have been waiting for your
input for several days.  You and I have had several side conversations about
this and you have advised me that you do intend to post....

I know you've had technical difficulties, and then, the ICANN meetings
intervened... for all of us.  Let's get back on track; if you plan to post,
please do so before next Wednesday. 

As chair, I plan to cut off all non TF postings at that time.   In all
cases, the constituency reps will have unlimited posting capabilities.  You,
and any other member of a constituency will have the ability to get anything
posted through this mechanism.  

But, we are all anxious to have your post directly from the earlier
informational call.  What can I do to be of help?  I'll hold off closing off
your posting privileges until next Wednesday to give you maximum

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Thank you for the notes regarding posting the VeriSign Registrar's materials
for this morning's call.  Unfortunately, I am having technical difficulties
accessing our systems in order to reply to your notes and to include our
presentation (hence this email from my personal account).  I was out of the
office yesterday, and will not be back until later this morning (I'll join
the call via cell), so I'll be able to send out our materials later today.
Thanks in advance for your understanding.



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