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[nc-transfer] Re: Terms of Reference

For your consideration:

The purpose of the Task Force on Transfers is to:

1.  develop broad understanding across the DNSO of the issues underlying the 
intra-registrar transfers dispute 
2.  ensure understanding of the approach proposed in the Registrars' draft 
transfer protocol
3.  ensure understanding of the views of those not in support of the draft 
transfer protocol
4.  identify the domain name policy issues 
5.  inaugurate the consensus process
6.  transition the working effort from a fast-track Task Force to an open 
Working Group so that the consensus process is respected, and so that all 
impacted parties may benefit from a written report and supporting materials 
(which must include all substantive submissions to the Supporting 
Organization relating to the proposed policies) that (i) documents the extent 
of agreement and disagreement among impacted groups, (ii) documents the 
outreach process used to seek to achieve adequate representation of the views 
of groups that are likely to be impacted, and (iii) documents the nature and 
intensity of reasoned support and opposition to the proposed policies.

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