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[nc-transfer] FW: Transfer Task Force


> Attached are two documents related to the work of the Transfers Task
> Force; this Task Force was created at the last DNSO conference call, 11
> October 2001 and described in the minutes, posted 23 October 2001.
> Constituencies were asked to name their representatives within five days,
> but unfortunately, have been unable to do so. Accordingly, I have created
> a listserv and added all NC reps and Danny Younger, as the GA chair. 
> Please designate your constituency rep by November 7.  
> One of the documents attached is the draft Terms of Reference. The Terms
> of Reference document is intended to be available for your comments and
> edits for the next few days, however, I would prefer that we reach
> agreement on it via email, if at all possible. I have not provided
> discussion time on the Tuesday call; this is partly because the
> constituencies have not designated their rep to the TF and have until 11/7
> to do so.  I hope that we can declare this document final by the end of
> the week, based on email submissions from the designated reps from the
> constituencies and Danny Younger, as GA chair. 
>  The second document is the agenda for Tuesday's conference call: November
> 6, 2001; 9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m. EST/U.S. (Secretariat to provide other time
> zones). 
>  <<TR-TF terms of ref.doc>> Please rsvp to Marilyn and to Glen (not the
> list) regarding your constituency's participation so that we can have
> enough ports for the call. 
> There will be guests (non NC members) as briefers on this call.  The
> agenda identifies the presenters presently scheduled; since the guest
> speakers have documents they wish to use as supporting documents, I have
> asked Glen to add them for posting purposes, effective Monday, November 5
> through Wednesday, November 7.  This will ensure that all of you have
> access to any materials which the speakers provide.  This is a short time
> frame for the briefing materials, but everyone is doing the best they can
> with this schedule and other pressures and realities.   <<AGENDA -
> TR-TF.doc>> 
I appreciate your participation in this conference call. Time is short and
limited for all of us, and I respect that. I hope you can attend/designate
someone from your constituency to participate on your behalf in this

I hope to post a draft recommendation/resolution to the list by Wednesday
for consideration by the TF designees for submission to the NC in MdR.

Ever the optimist,


> Marilyn S. Cade
> 202-457-2106v
> 202-457-3051f
> 202-255-7348c
> mcade@att.com

TR-TF terms of ref.doc


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