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Re: [nc-org] Re: [ncdnhc-discuss] Board conflict of interest on .org

Thank you for this 'heart cry'. The Blokzijl issue needs to be
resolved _very_ soon, if I may say so, again.


On Sun, 19 May 2002, at 18:26 [=GMT+0200], Norbert Klein wrote:

> Greetings from Cambodia.
> Today is election day in our neighboring country of Vietnam. Normally, all
> candidates that can be elected have been selected from among trusted party
> members by those already in power. This year there is a new element added, which
> is supposed to show that there is new openness: a number of candidates have
> been selected to stand for elections from special groups in society; these
> candidates too have not become candidates by nominations by the groups which
> they supposedly represent, but also by appointment from above.
> This procedure of selecting candidates assures that nobody can be elected
> who would be not welcome by the aleady existing governing structures.
> During the ICANN meetings in Ghana, I discussed such models of elections,
> well known from “people's democracies” whose name pretends that a bottom-up
> structure is in place by having elections, with you, Alejandro. And I mentioned
> that, for example in former East Germany, there were even the different
> functional mass organizations – women, youth, farmers, labor unions –  part of the
> system of finding candidates supposedly representing the large membership of
> these groups in society, which were state organizations. They were used to
> identify "qualified" candidates for national elections. But the candidates
> were again selected and authorized from above.
> You remember, Alejandro, what you said when I referred to these functional
> mass organizations which were not self-organized? I think you said they were
> fake.
> A long time ago you told me you observe that I do not post frequently to
> this list, but when I do – well, you said some nice words. You may have observed
> that I did not post anything since Ghana. I continue to read almost
> everything, but I could not see how ICANN came to where we are now from where we
> started in 1998.
> The blocked discussion about a possible conflict of interest (for which we
> have COI rules), denounced as character assassination, in spite of the COI 
> regulations quoted in detail, and then the allegation that no fair hearing is
> possible after questions have been raised – why call them “a juicy piece of
> gossip”?  -  made me finally come back to write. But I do so in despair, as I
> almost lost the hope that communication is possible.
> Norbert
> -- 
> Norbert Klein
> Open Forum of Cambodia

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