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Re: [nc-org] The TF roster

> I'm sorry, Cary, you're mistaken.
> Let me remind you that Philip asked me to not have two
> members of the gTLD constituency involved at all. It was
> I, as Chair of the TF ...

Milton, please don't take this as a personal challenge but isn't the
election of the TF Chair an action that remains to be taken?

At today's NC meeting we approved the minutes of the preceding
meeting (29 June) in which is stated:

"Ph. Sheppard proposed forming a task force to lead further work on
this subject. M. Mueller volunteered to represent the NCDNH. Other
Constituencies will be given 7 days to nominate their own
representatives. Once complete the TF will elect a Chair."

If I understood the information that you provided me with off-list
about the activity thus far conducted by the TF, we have yet to
address any such organizational formality.

Since Philip has seen the present exchange about gTLD participation
in the ORG-TF perhaps he could tell us, himself, how we should take
his suggestion about inviting Roger to participate.


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