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Re: [nc-impwhois] Draft 2 of WHOIS Implementation Report


I have two comments.

1. Would it be appropriate to include at least a comment about the fee
registrars are allowed to charge for bulk whois access. Right now the
maximum allowable fee amounts to 1 cent per record for a registrar with a
million names. Then consider that a number of registrars have multiple
millions and it becomes apparent that the fee is ridiculously low for
larger registrars.

I suggest the allowable fee be up to $10,00 for registrars with up to 1
million records. Registrars with over 1 million records would be allowed to
charge up to 1 cent per record.

2. I thought we had some suggestion or comment about the possibility of
making bulk whois inclusion an opt-in process for registrants, versus an
opt-out. Opt-in is much more in line with current privacy standards.


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   Subject: [nc-impwhois] Draft 2 of WHOIS Implementation Report
   From: "Bruce Tonkin" <Bruce.Tonkin@melbourneit.com.au>
   Date: Thu, January 30, 2003 3:38 am
   To: <nc-impwhois@dnso.org>

   Hello All,

   Here is an updated draft.  Changes are marked.

   I have not substantially changed the recommendations from the last
   call. I have attempted to clarify some of the questions raised in the
   last call in the comments.

   I have added a recommendation regarding building in a formal review
   process as suggested by Rick Wesson.

   Given the length of text explaining recommendation 3 - I have placed
   the detailed text below table 2 to improve readability (and printing).

   Bruce Tonkin

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