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Re: [nc-impwhois] Melbourne IT WHOIS implementation comments


you bring up an excellent point. our demo is just that, a demo -- it is
not connected to our production system. as we have had significant abuse
of the demo through the web-services API. We stopped updating the data in
November and also reduced the data sets coverage.

If the abuse continues we will take down the demo web page and API access.
If you are interested in running your queries against the production
systems drop a note to sales@ar.com

We are working on scientific analysis of whois registrant accuracy in
conjunction with several researchers at universities, we are hopeful that
our research will be published before the FTC meeting on cross-border
fraud [1] next month.



[1] http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2002/12/crossborder.htm

> I.e., I don't want to see domain names cancelled or put on hold just
> because Rick Wesson's Fraudit system persistently and wrongly claims
> that certain telephone numbers are invalid. (Use the fraudit demo
> system at http://www.ar.com/fraudit/WebDemo.do to check
> does-not-exist.info or, say, alac.info for accuracy.  In both cases,
> correct telephone numbers are identified as incorrect.)

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