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Re: [nc-imp] Draft v2.0 of the Transfers Implementation Report

On Wed, Jan 22, 2003 at 01:58:24PM -0500, Ross Wm. Rader wrote:

> > which data are supposed to be the real ones.  I can certainly 
> > imagine a case where differences between different whois 
> > servers' outputs turns out to be the basis for litigation.
> The question is which one is more likely to be correct. I'd bet every

For some value of "correct".  I think the value of "correct" there
will depend to some extent on what the contracts specify, which is
why I think there is some value in addressing it in our report.  I
don't want to beat a dead horse, however, and it isn't of
particular concern to me (since this is really a problem for
registrars, not registries).  If no-one else thinks this is an issue,
I'm happy to leave it alone.

> Jumping to the conclusion that because the recommendation doesn't jibe
> with someones interpretation of current or desired policy doesn't mean
> that the recommendation is not implementable.

I don't see how it's jumping to conclusions about anything to note
that a recommendation may contradict an existing and related
policy.  It seems to me that such an inconsistency is related to
whether something is implementable: if people have actual contracts
which they would have to adjust in order to conform with some
recommendation, it's certainly at least an additional cost in
implementing the recommendation.

As I say, however, this case is not a big deal for me.


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