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Re: [nc-imp] Draft v2.0 of the Transfers Implementation Report

On Wed, Jan 22, 2003 at 01:03:03PM -0500, Ross Wm. Rader wrote:

> ICANN's definition of "authoritative" is a bit of a red herring. I'm
> more interested in consulting with the Whois server that is most likely
> to provide the most useful (read: accurate) information in a manner
> consistent with my processes. Making distinctions like this on a tld, by
> tld basis add complexity without adding value.

I can see your point, and I agree that all things considered, a
simpler and more standard process is better.  On the other hand,
given that we are talking about the implementation of something which
is likely eventually to get translated into a contract, we should
probably keep in mind the question of which data are supposed to be
the real ones.  I can certainly imagine a case where differences
between different whois servers' outputs turns out to be the basis
for litigation.

> Further, this strays into specification of implementation, not analysis
> of recommendation.

But the recommendation is full of references to the losing
registrar's whois server, so it seems we've already strayed.  I'm not
sure how to discuss this without talking about implementation issues.


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