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Re: [nc-imp] Draft v2.0 of the Transfers Implementation Report

On Wed, Jan 22, 2003 at 09:31:00AM -0500, Elana Broitman wrote:
> which state that the special whois cannot be rate limited.

This raises again, also (I think) the issue of what whois server
should be consulted.  I'd suggest that we make it clearer that the
whois which counts (irrespective of whether it's a separate special
server or not) is the authoritative whois server for the domain.  In
the case of "thin" registries, that will of course be the losing
registrar's whois.  At least in the case of .info, however, the
authoritative whois is the registry's whois (according to the
agreement with ICANN; see

> resellers the ability to use it.  So, while I appreciate the need to make
> the special whois highly available, I think we still need a mechanism or
> trigger for limiting it in order to stop abuse.

I agree with this.  It would represent a potentially large expense if
there were no specification of reasonable limits.


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