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RE: [nc-deletes] Time to Vote

I would be Ok with this. Even as is, I am under the impression that
registrars would be able to note that the fee is subject to change. The
main point is letting the registrant know to be careful because there is
a substantial fee associated with recovering a canceled/non-renewed
name, not that we commit to a price point.


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Apologies for sending this in late (too late?)  A question about

       3.1.6 Registrars should provide, both at the time of 
registration and in a conspicuous place on their website, the fee 
charged for the recovery of a domain name during the Redemption Grace 

"at the time of registration" -- as names are registered for at least 
a year, is there a risk in asking registrars to commit to a fee so 
far in the future? I think "in a conspicuous place on their website" 
is fine and probably enough.

Too late?



At 8:21 PM -0500 3/20/03, Jordyn A. Buchanan wrote:
>Hello all:
>Please find attached the proposed final report.  Please vote whether
>you support transmitting this as our final report to the GNSO council. 
>Please please please try to vote by 2300 GMT tomorrow (that's 1700
>Thanks all for your hard work
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