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Re: [nc-deletes] Time to Vote

Apologies for sending this in late (too late?)  A question about

       3.1.6 Registrars should provide, both at the time of 
registration and in a conspicuous place on their website, the fee 
charged for the recovery of a domain name during the Redemption Grace 

"at the time of registration" -- as names are registered for at least 
a year, is there a risk in asking registrars to commit to a fee so 
far in the future? I think "in a conspicuous place on their website" 
is fine and probably enough.

Too late?



At 8:21 PM -0500 3/20/03, Jordyn A. Buchanan wrote:
>Hello all:
>Please find attached the proposed final report.  Please vote whether
>you support transmitting this as our final report to the GNSO council. 
>Please please please try to vote by 2300 GMT tomorrow (that's 1700 EST).
>Thanks all for your hard work
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