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[nc-deletes] Revisions to 3.1.4 and next call

Hello all:

First, here's some proposed revised text fo our recommendation 3.1.4:

"3.1.4 Registrars must provide a summary of their deletion policy, as well as an indication of any auto-renewal policy that they may have, at the time of registration.  This policy should include the expected time at which a non-renewed domain name would be deleted relative to the domain's expiration date, or a date range not to exceed ten days in length.  Additionally, the policy should indicate any change to the price of a renewal that may occur after the domain's expiration date but prior to its deletion."

Second, it turns out I'll be travelling Monday morning, so can people do a call on Tuesday (usual time -- 1400 GMT, 900 EST)?  Hopefully Bret will have forwarded the proposed responses to the various public comments by then and we'll be able to finalize revisions to the text.



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