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[icann-nominations] Don Telage Endorsement

1. Full name: [Bob Collet]
2. E-mail address: [rcollet@teleglobe.com]
3. Organization you work for (if apply): [Teleglobe]
4. Name of the person being supported: Donald N. Telage

When I was chairman of the Commercial Internet eXchange (CIX) association
(while at Sprint and then at Teleglobe)I had the opportunity to work with
Don during the period of time in which the current Internet governance
framework was being developed.  I can report that his input and guidance was
instrumental in developing the key operational concepts and business themes
within the CIX position, and eventually in the Green and White Papers.
Although he was at NSI, which had the most to gain by the extension of their
Government cooperative agreement, he worked for a result that could be
responsive and sustainable post closure, and relatively quickly implemented.
The recent agreement between the US Government and NSI adds further wieght
to conclusion that Don has the best interests of the Internet as his prime
goal.  His knowledge of the business and the technology will provide very
useful expertise to the ICANN.

Bob Collet    

Bob Collet
Vice President and General Manager
Internet and Data Services
Teleglobe Communications Corporation
11480 Commerce Park Drive
Reston, Virginia 20191 USA
Tel: +1-703-755-2829, Fax: +1-703-755-2621, E-Mail: rcollet@teleglobe.com