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[icann-nominations] Nomination

1.	Full name: Keith Teare
2.	E-mail address: keith@realnames.com
3.	Organization you work for (if apply): RealNames Corporation
4.	Name of the person being nominated or supported: Donald N. Telage

Statement of support

Firstly I would like to disclose that NSI is a shareholder in RealNames
Corporation and that Don Telage is an employee of NSI. My nomination is not,
however, prompted by that association. In negotiating the terms of the
relationship between NSI and RealNames over the past 15 months I have found
Don to be a highly intelligent analyst of the major developments in the
industry. I have been impressed by his energy and enthusiasm to create the
future. Whhen I have disagreed with him I have found him to be fair and open
to persuasion. His skills would be greatly missed if he were not to attain
this position.

Further, I feel that ICANN will benefit the entire indusrty by embracing his

Keith Teare
RealNames Corporation