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[icann-nominations] I accept nomination.

   1. Full name of the nominee: Youn Jung Park

   2. E-mail address of the nominee: yjpark@myEpark.com

   3. Organization you work for (if apply):
       Korea Information Society Development Institute, KISDI, Reseacher

   4. Snail-mail address (street, city, country):
       1-1 Juam-Dong, Kwachun, Kyunggi-do, 427-710, Republic of Korea

   5. The region that includes the country of which you are a citizen:
       Asia Pacific

   6. The region that includes the country in which you reside:
       Asia Pacific

   7. A clear statement of acceptance of the nomination:

       I accept the 2002 DNSO Board nomination.

   8. If you are a Member of the Names Council, state your intention
      to resign from the Names Council if you are elected to the
      ICANN Board:


   9. A Curriculum Vitae (no more than 500 words long):

    M.A. Yonsei Graduate School of International Studies(www.yonsei.ac.kr)
    B.A.  Yonsei University, English Language and Literature

    Working for Korea Information Society Development Institute, KISDI
    as researcher(www.kisdi.re.kr)

    Served as acting CEO of Multilingual Internet Names Consortium
    secretariat to coordinate efforts to make multilingual Internet names
    available for those who do have language barriers to enter cyberspace.

    Executive Director, International Relations,
    i-DNS.net International Pte Ltd in Singpaore

    International Relations Department, Korea Network Information Center

    Secretariat, Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Forum(APTLD)

    Relevant Activities

    Sep. 2000 – current: .KR Name and Numbers Committee member
    (www.nnc.or.kr) This committee deals with .KR domain name policies.

    Sep. 2000 – current : Board member of Multilingual Internet Names
    Consortium, MINC (www.minc.org)

    Aug. 2001 – current: Member of ICANN’s New gTLD Evaluation Process
    Planning Task Force, http://www.icann.org/committees/ntepptf/

    Aug. 2001 – current: Board member of Asia Pacific Joint Secretariat

    Jan. 2002 – current: Deputy Chair of ISOC-KR(http://kr.isoc.org)

    Feb. 2002 – current: Chair of Internet Governance WG of Asia Pacific
    Networking Group, APNG, (www.apng.org)

    May 2002 – current: Deputy Chair of KIEF(www.kief.ne.kr)

    Aug. 1999 – Mar. 2002: Names Council member of Non-Commercial
    Domain Name Holders Constituency(NCDNHC) of DNSO, ICANN
    (www.icann-ncc.org) representing Asia Pacific Networking Group, APNG.

    Dec. 2000 – Feb. 2001: ISOC Nominating Committee member for 2001
    ISOC Board of Trustee Election(www.isoc.org)

    Dec. 2000 – Feb. 2001: Chair of WG-Review/DNSO, ICANN

  10. A statement indicating your ideas, intentions and/or
      the reason why you consider you should be elected to serve
      in the ICANN Board (no more than 500 words):

    I feel honored to be nominated as 2002 DNSO Board candidate
    at this very critical juncture in the ICANN's roadmap. I do have
    one reason to run for 2002 DNSO Board election.

            "To Make ICANN An Agreeable Tool For Everybody"

    ICANN, is it an agreeable tool for everybody as of today? No, in

    ICANN was established as a California-based non-for-profit organization
    to coordninate Internet names and numbers delegated by Department of

    Once it could give the emerging Internet communities in the world hope
    or belief that ICANN can provide a platform to encourage
    self-regulation, which ends up with political divide together with

    Once it could allay the governments' concerns in US-centric Internet
    management ensuring globally diversified Internet address management
    which invites accumulated mistrust against ICANN from the governments.

    ICANN keeps promising to place high emphasis on bottom-up and
    transparent decision-making process urging Internet stakeholders
    in the world to join it re-clarifying the Internet stakeholders(users)
    have neither voting rights nor rights to elect their representatives on
    the Board.

    ICANN as of today is facing two tasks to be a meaningful coordinator.

    1st, ICANN should find ways to work with the governments and the
    emerging Internet community.

    2nd, ICANN should ensure Internet stakeholders(users) to participate
    in its decision-making process meaningfully.

    Alejandro Pisanty, another candidate for 2002 DNSO Board election
    and the current DNSO Board member has been doing a great job as
    chair of ERC. He was at the right moment when ICANN needed tough
    decision-makers in its infancy.

    Now ICANN needs mediators between the various spectrum of
    governments and the emerging Internet communities. Now ICANN
    needs spokespersons for Internet users.

    I hereby committ myself to a mediator and spokesperson for Internet
    users given my limited capacities if I am elected as 2002 DNSO
    Board member.

    Lastly, I would like to extend my appreciation to Danny Younger, former
    GA chair, who nominated me and 2002 icannatlarge.com panel
    members who encouraged me to accept this nomination as candidate.

YJ Park

Election of the ICANN Board Director by the DNSO

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