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[icann-nominations] Paul M. Kane's Acceptance Statement......

1. Full name of the nominee:
Paul M Kane

2. E-mail address of the nominee:


3. Organization you work for (if apply):

Internet Computer Bureau plc

4. Snail-mail address (street, city, country):

P.O. Box 4040
BH23 1XW

5. The region that includes the country of which you are a citizen:

UK, Europe
6. The region that includes the country in which you reside:
UK, Europe
7. A clear statement of acceptance of the nomination:
It is an honour to be considered and it is with pleasure I accept the nomination for the ICANN Board election.
8. If you are a Member of the Names Council, state your intention to resign from the Names Council if you are elected to the ICANN Board:
I am a member of the Names Council and will resign from the Names Council if elected to the ICANN Board.

9. A Curriculum Vitae (no more than 500 words long):


  • Involved in computer and networking Industry since 1984
  • Chairman and Managing Director of Internet Computer Bureau plc, a small software house with offices in the UK, Japan and USA and data centres in UK, Switzerland, the Netherlands, USA, Japan, and Australia. (Member of the Internet Service Providers Association, since 1996.)
  •  Managing Director of REACTO.com, a software solutions company to ICANN Accredited Registrars, providing complete registrar platforms for interfacing .COM, .NET .ORG, ccTLDs and the emerging new TLDs.
  •  Managing Director of Uwhois.com Inc, USA, - a one stop WHOIS look-up service to the internet community currently spanning 113 TLDs, designed to optimise network infrastructure for Registries and Registrars and increase accessibility of WHOIS information which promotes consumer confidence in the DNS and electronic commerce.
  •  Non-executive pro-bono Director to INternet ONE - a not for profit company designed to facilitate direct correlation of a Trademark to a Domain Name, empowering coexistence without conflict.
  • Non-executive Director of the Research Institute for Computer Science, Tokyo, Japan
  • Investment interest in Group One Registry Inc, US.
  • On the Board of Kane Estates, a company with a portfolio of residential and commercial property (real-estate).
  • Member of the Institute of Directors, since 1988.  In 2000, elected to be a Fellow of the Institute of Directors.
ICANN Activities:

Appointed as interim Names Council Representative to the Registries Constituency in November, 1999; elected to the DNSO - Names Council as a representative of the Registrars Constituency in March 2000

  • Chair,  Intake Committee
  • Chair,  WHOIS Committee
  • Member, International Domain Names Task Force.
Other Internet related Activities:
  • Representative member on the Council of European National Top Level Registries.
  • Member of the CENTR Legal and Regulatory Committee
Since 1992, frequent presenter and speaker on Internet issues at Internet Summits, WIPO, UNCTAD, WTO and the Group of 8 Industrialised Nations Meetings.
Married with two young children-- we reside in Bournemouth, UK

10. A statement indicating your ideas, intentions and/or the reason why you consider you should be elected to serve in the ICANN Board:

I will do my best to ensure the voice of the DNSO is heard at Board level and to persuade my fellow Board members to "listen" to what the community is saying to them and to seek to ensure that processes exist to enable bottom-up, effective and thoughtful policy input.  I will undertake not to work in an "ivory tower"!

I believe I have the necessary experience, am proficient at working with others to achieve balanced and effective objectives ... now, with your support, I seek your vote, and a mandate to be your representative on the Board.


ICANN is a rarity in private sector leadership and management of certain critical aspects of the Internet.  Some want it to have a wider and broader venue of responsibility, and others are firm in their commitment to maintain the narrow mission with which it was launched. I believe ICANN should focus on its narrow remit of technical management of domain names, numbers, and protocols.

As a new organization, I think that ICANN can be proud of its progress to date but as it matures there remains much to do.

Is it time for further growth and some change?  Undoubtedly.  But that is coming, and the role of a board member is to provide the support to the staff to enable growth and change in the organization, based on the bottoms up policy consensus process which is required.
I am interested in improving ICANN as a consensus based policy organization, and helping to support improved processes, ranging from communications, to ensuring a sound financial footing and increasing participation by all regions of the world.

Could it be more international? Yes. Having worked in Asia, India, Sri Lanka, Africa and Europe, I appreciate language is frequently the foundation of a nation's culture.  To that end, I will, as a board member, support further efforts to ensure that ICANN Staff  and ICANN's processes recognise cultural, social, and language diversity. This recognition is already underway, and needs to be enhanced and supported by the Board and Staff.

Could it move more quickly on certain areas?  Yes, but I fall in the camp that thinks that deliberation and thoughtful examination of issues is a priority. Consultation with the Supporting Organizations and other input structures will be essential to the Board's ability to make sound and timely decisions.

Does it still have work to do in critical areas? Yes, like multi-lingual names, finalizing agreements with the root server operators and ccTLDs, WHOIS, process evaluation for new TLDs and working out improved organizational structures for greater internet community participation.

All those, and other challenges exist, many not yet identified. If elected, I believe that I can contribute and support ICANN's success in these areas. Like other ICANN Board Members, I will seek the advise of ICANN General Counsel on any potential conflicts, and to recluse myself from any votes on areas where it is appropriate.

I believe that I am a unique candidate in that I have first hand experience in managing diverse yet complimentary businesses, administering the policy aspects and technical operations of TLD registries, working with a significant number of Registrars and ISPs around the world, working with businesses, ISPs/Communications Providers, and with the IP community, and experience of working as Operations Director for a not-for profit company.

As a board member,  I will look to the NC to provide an open door for communication and the Board to provide the DNSO sufficient time for meaningful consultation. I am also interested in ensuring that the important voice of the technical community through the other SO's and any other mechanisms available, is heard throughout the process.    As a board member, I think it important that a broad set of communication channels exist from all input mechanisms to the Board and Staff.


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