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Re: [gtld-com] IDNs and gTLDs

Dear Philip and others,

Basically, I think that the topic of "IDNs and new gTLDs" should be 
addressed in another forum - regardless of whether it is to be done within 
or beyond ICANN. And here, I want to clarify my points regarding this 

1. IDNs are primarily for the use of non-English speakers, those who feel 
uncomfortable for reading and writing domain names in English. Therefore, 
basically, here, there is no confusion with ASCII names even in the case 
when that IDN gTLDs are equivalent to ASCII gTLDs. And even for dual or 
multiple language users, although they are extremely minority in some 
cultures, can easily avoid confusion because all languages are unique and 
language itself is distinctive.

2. Of course, some trade marks or famous marks' names could make some 
confusingly similarity in different linguistic environment and such names 
are being protected depending on UDRP or each country's related laws. But 
gTLD names are generic names which are never to be protected in any 
industrial right regimes.

2. Sponsored gTLDs can limit its registration to its own sponsoring 
community. But so far as I know it, when some entity belongs to one 
specific community, to register their names to one related specific 
Sponsored gTLD is not mandatory. And any community cannot cover the whole 
related entities particularly beyond all language communities. Universality 
or Coherence of some specific Sponsored names will be sought and reallized 
through voluntary participation of community entities, but should never be 
imposed. To limit IDN translation or transliteration names of the existing 
Sponsored names or vice versa seems to preclude or control over some 
specific language community and its related entities' rights to be able to 
make their own namespace when they don't want to use the existing related 
Sponsored but different language names.


Chun Eung Hwi

On Thu, 17 Apr 2003 09:48:42 +0200, Philip Sheppard 
<philip.sheppard@aim.be> wrote:

> Committee,
> please note that the copy recipients of this thread seem to be getting 
> out of hand. I am sending this solely to the publicly archived group 
> where the discussion belongs.
> If the question raised on IDNs and new gTLDs have been adequately 
> addressed in another forum, I would be happy to make reference to that 
> forum and be done with it.
> If however there are questions unresolved - then it seems to me to be 
> helpful to comment.
> Philip

Chun Eung Hwi
General Secretary, PeaceNet | phone:     (+82) 2-2166-2216
Seoul Yangchun P.O.Box 81   |   pcs:     (+82) 019-259-2667
Seoul, 158-600, Korea       | eMail:   ehchun@peacenet.or.kr

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