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Re: [ga] draft agenda for GA meeting in LA

Amadeu Abril i Abril <Amadeu@nominalia.com> wrote:
> > DNSO General Assembly - LA
> > 
> > 14:00 DNSO management/administration
> > (Objective: Confirmation of Santiago GA meeting minutes)
> > Responsible: NC Chair and GA Chair
> > 
> Nii, I think there is a confusion here. The GA is suposed to be hold
> on Tuesday morning. Consituency meetings have been moved to Monday.
> Elisabeth, could you clarify this point, plese?
> [...]

==> Amadeu,

    You are perfectly correct, the GA is on Tuesday morning.
    The LA schedule was finalised during the NC telecon on September 30th.
    Andrew Mclaughlin provided also more information on technical
    arrangements and financial aspects, see below.


[from http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/19990930.NCtelecon-minutes.html]
[sent to ga@dnso.org, announce@dnso.org and council@dnso.org]

   * Schedule of Meetings In LA

     Resolved that not all WG's did contemplate to meet physically in LA
     only time slots are foreseen for these activity.

     Andrew will work with Elisabeth on the arrangements. It need to be
     settled this week.

       1. Monday

             * Monday Morning:
               ccTLD meeting with IANA
               Other Constituency meetings

             * Monday Afternoon:
               ccTLD and Other Constituency meetings

             * Monday Evening:
               Constituency Minutes / Reports prepared
               DNSO Working Groups slot time
               NC dinner / other dinners or social events

       2. Tuesday

             * Tuesday Early Morning:
               NC early breakfast

             * Tuesday Morning:
               General Assembly
               GAC (Closed)

             * Tuesday Afternoon:
               Names Council
               GAC (Closed)

             * Tuesday Late Afternoon:
               GAC Open Meeting

             * Tuesday Evening:
               DNSO Working Groups slot time
               GA Minutes / Reports Prepared

       3. Wednesday

             * Wednesday
               ICANN Open meeting

             * Wednesday Evening:
               DNSO Working Groups slot time

       4. Thursday

             * Thursday
               ICANN Board meeting

From: "Andrew McLaughlin" <mclaughlin@pobox.com>
To: "Elisabeth Porteneuve" <Elisabeth.Porteneuve@cetp.ipsl.fr>
Cc: <council@dnso.org>, "Josh Elliott" <elliott@ISI.EDU>
Subject: [council] LA Schedule and tech
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 1999 17:38:03 -0400

Elisabeth and NC Members:

Here's my summary of DNSO room requirements for the LA meetings. I
understand that the constituency groups will be meeting *eiher* in the
morning or the afternoon, but for the moment I am keeping those rooms
reserved all day.  The number after the event indicates the number of people
expected to attend.

Please notify me and Josh of corrections where appropriate:

Monday morning (1/11/99)
- IANA/ccTLD meeting (50)
- gTLD (5)
- IPC (25)
- Business & commercial (25)
- Non-commercial (50)
- Registrars (50)
- ISPs (25)

Monday afternoon :
- ccTLD constituency (50)
- gTLD (5)
- IPC (25)
- Business & commercial (25)
- Non-commercial (50)
- Registrars (50)
- ISPs (25)

Monday evening:
- WG-E (25)

Tuesday morning (2/11/99)
- DNSO GA (auditorium)

Tuesday afternoon
- DNSO Names Council (auditorium)

While the meeting rooms themselves will essentially be free, the rental of
any audio-visual and/or broadcasting equipment will cost money.  (Overhead &
LCD projectors;  microphones;  telephone set-ups;  etc.)  For the
constituency group and WG meetings, ICANN cannot advance (yet again) the
funds for such needs, particularly since the DNSO has accrued substantial
unpaid debts for the Santiago meetings.  Accordingly, any such arrangements
should be made directly with the hotel (and funded directly, as well).  Josh
Elliott <elliott@isi.edu> can provide you with the relevant contact

Best regards,