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Re: [ga] Santiago DNSO GA Schedule

Dennis Jennings wrote:
>Andrew is concerned about the number of people who may have 
>already booked their 'plane flights based on the schedule published 
>on the ICANN web site, and asks therefore that we keep within the 
>three day published schedule.

I would also note that some of the items on Dennis' excellent draft agenda could be done online in advance of the meeting. For example, the first 2 hours (quoted below) are the appointment of a Chair and reports from the Board, the Names Council, and the Constituencies. Certainly, we could select a chair here and written reports could be circulated the week prior to the in-person meeting. If we're short on time, I'd suggest saving the meeting time for discussions and questions and move reporting to this list. 

      -- Bret

>09:00 Appointment of Chairman
>(Objective – a neutral chairman for the day)
>09:15 Report from the ICANN Board
>(Objective – an update on the ICANN Board’s Requests to the DNSO)
>09:30 Report from the Interim Names Council
>(Objective – a progress report on the proposals for the administration of  
>the DNSO)
>10:00 Report from the DNSO Constituency Meetings
>(Objective – to provide the General Assembly with a understanding of  each 
>DNSO Constituency, its membership, its priority issues, etc.  To  provide 
>a report on the Constituency elections to the Names Council  (electorate, 
>voting procedures, etc.))
>10:45 Coffee