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[ga] 0:212 .BIZ schemes ?

From: "Joyce Lin" <joyce@007names.com> 
"Has anybody received schemes like this one ?"

You may not be familiar with the .BIZ Top Level Domain. It has been around since 1995.
It is currently in the Proof-of-Concept phase on the aging, legacy, 32-bit DNS Internet.
There have been many, so-called "schemes", lotteries, etc. It is hard to determine how many
serious .BIZ owners there are, because, as you may note, you rarely see a .BIZ name used.
IN-ADDR.BIZ appears to exist, although there may be a dispute about who owns that name.
There are many other disputes pending regarding .BIZ names.

One of the goals of the Proof-of-Concept phase, is to attract enough owners, via the market trials,
to warrant the serious investments needed to move to the next phase of funding for 128-bit DNS support.
At the moment, there are too many other Premium TLDs (like .CASINO), attracting the investors.
Note also these other Premium TLDs widely available as part of more Proof-of-Concept market-driven development.
        .shop    .xxx    .club    .ltd 
        .inc   .travel   .tech   .sport 
        .family   .law   .med   .mp3 

Jim Fleming
0:212     BIZ

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