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[ga] a cctld representative

Dear Board,
I gather the board has appointed a representative to act as the cctld 
representative on the Nominating committee.

The board is to be congratulated. Faced with the huge diversity of 
opinion, geography, legal tradition, ethnicity and language that the cctlds 
represent, which causes we elected officials of cctld instituitions so much 
time and trouble in establishing consensus positions on key matters, the 
board has been able, by a secret process, to appoint a white, middle-
aged male, from a country with an Anglo-Saxon based linguistic and legal 
tradition closely similar to that of the US.

Of course, the board is also entirely justified in selecting someone from 
one of the very few countries to actually sign a contract with ICANN. 

Doubtless the board has prepared answers to those who will suggest that 
such a representative is non-representational. Similarly, the board will be 
able to ridicule any who were to suggest that the fact that Australia is one 
of the few countries in the world supporting the current US approach to 
honouring UN resolutions, or that the next Chair of ICANN is from 
Australia, or that Australia's long term support of the GAC has anything to 
do with this appointment.

All of these answers will no doubt ring with the authenticity of a board 
devoted to the principles of open and transparent process, and with an 
eye to persuading the cctlds that ICANN is an organisation which they 
should join. 

I look forward to learning of the mechanism by which he will be provided 
with the consensus views of the cctlds in order to carry out the function. 
Doubtless another bottom-up, transparent and  consultative process will 
be adopted, as a result of which cctlds will be told what their 
representative has done. 

My regards

Peter Dengate Thrush

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