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Re: [ga] Re: Good bye

On Wed, 18 Dec 2002 DannyYounger@cs.com wrote:

> As of Tue 10 December 2002, 623 persons were registered in the DNSO GA voting
> registry.
> As of today, only those that belong to entrenched special interest groups may
> express their views by way of a vote.  As of today, only those that suck up
> to ICANN management may elect their own leadership.  As of today, the right
> to quantify the sentiment of the General Public through the voting process
> within an ICANN Supporting Organization no longer exists.

In my opinion it never existed.

> Lest we forget, this is the price we paid for exercising our right to vote.
> It is the direct consequence of calling for a re-bid of the ICANN contracts.
> ICANN tolerates no dissent, and ICANN never once consulted with the
> membership of the General Assembly before deciding to write it out of
> existence.   Like the At-Large, members of the General Assembly are not
> viewed as "essential stakeholders", they are only viewed as a hotbed of
> critics to be silenced, a union to be busted so that the Cartel may thrive
> without "distractions".
> For now, the new "efficient" ICANN will attempt to manage a public trust, but
> it will never gain the trust of the public.

Well said.  In fact that's all the GA was - the last voice of dissent.  At
best an educational forum.  But lets not forget that this happened before.
NetSol/VeriSign shut down the orginal domain-policy list on which so many
depended.  No one said a word and I expect the same of this.

And so I pack my bags and it's off down the yellow brick road to the other
side of the internet universe http://www.tlda.net/ .


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