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[ga] Re: ICANN & Stability

You are assuming, Danny, that the assumptions that underlie 
Elisabeth's proposed resolution are correct. They are not. Perhaps 
you might be interested in the facts before forming your 

There is no threat to Internet stability.  Soon after KPNQwest 
announced its suspension of operations, RIPE NCC agreed to assume 
operation of the ns.eu.net nameserver (which had formerly been 
operated by KPNQwest), and has committed to continue that operation 
for as long as necessary to migrate secondary nameservice to other 
nameservers. That nameserver has been operating for quite some time 
in a sound and stable manner.  The IANA has given priority to 
handling requests to migrate from the KPNQwest nameservers, and as it 
happens 38 of the 41 requests that have been received to migrate 
nameservice from ns.eu.net have been satisfactorily completed. 
(Incidentally, 37 of the 38 ccTLDs that have been migrated have no 
contractual relationship with ICANN.) There are several other ccTLDs 
that have not yet requested to migrate, and the IANA is in the 
process of suggesting that they move along to suitable substitute 
nameservice as well.  Three of the ccTLD requests for migration have 
not yet been completed because the ccTLD operators have (despite 
repeated requests) failed to cooperate in allowing the IANA to 
perform technical checks as provided by longstanding IANA policy. 
See the FAQs at <http://www.iana.org/faqs/tld-zone-access-faq.htm> 
for a description that we recently posted summarizing for ccTLD 
managers the policy, its longstanding basis (documented back to RFC 
1591 in March 1994), and the means by which those seeking to change 
the policy should proceed.

To reiterate, however, there no threat whatsoever to Internet 
stability, since the ns.eu.net nameserver continues to function 


At 4:05 PM -0400 9/16/02, DannyYounger@cs.com wrote:
>Having read the text of Elisabeth Porteneuve's proposed resolution on name
>server updates (reprinted below), I can't help but get the impression that
>either ICANN/IANA staff is thoroughly incompetent or that you are engaged in
>the process of blackmailing the ccTLD community.  It would seem to me that
>some discussion on this topic is warranted as the assertion has been made
>that ICANN itself has threatened the stability of the Internet (a subject
>that I presume you would take seriously).  As the President and Chief
>Executive Officer of this Corporation, that ostensibly deems the stability of
>the Internet to be its highest priority, can you comment on why your staff
>has failed to process these updates?
>Best regards,
>Whereas the ICANN Evolution and Reform Committee (ERC) has published
>its second implementation report,
>Whereas the stability of the universal Internet has been part of
>permanent preoccupations since the White Paper document,
>Whereas on 28 November 1998, both the USG and the ICANN committed
>to abide by the principle of Internet stability in the MoU,
>Whereas the ccTLD Managers has been awaiting since years
>for correct IANA ccTLD database services, as explicitly specified
>in the Amendment 2 to the MoU of 11 September 2000, requesting
>for "Documentation of IANA procedures for root zone editing,
>root zone generation, and root zone WHOIS service".
>Whereas the ccTLD IANA Service Requirements has been restated
>once more in Bucharest on 25 June 2002 and approved unanimously,
>Whereas the ERC reaffirms that "Preserve and enhance the operational
>stability, reliability, security, and global interoperability of
>the Internet" is on top of the list of ICANN Core's values,
>Whereas the global interoperability and stability of Internet depends
>on the TLD name servers,
>Whereas the recent bankruptcy of KPNQwest, providing secondary
>services to several ccTLD Registries requested for prompt actions
>on IANA side to update the name servers records as requested by
>the ccTLD Managers,
>Whereas there is widespread dissatisfaction of ccTLD Managers about
>the ICANN failing to its IANA Function duty, and several name servers
>updates pending since three months (since June 2002),
>The NC therefore resolves that:
>The stability of universal Internet is in danger and request
>ICANN to take immediate actions to update ccTLD name servers entries.


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