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Re: Re[2]: [ga] WHOIS policy primer

Karl Auerbach <karl@CaveBear.com> replied to Allan Liska:
> On Wed, 28 Aug 2002, Allan Liska wrote:
> > KA> Why should one who is on the net be required to have e-mail?
> > 
> > One who is on the Internet is not required to have e-mail.  One who
> > has a domain name has  certain responsibilities, and must have an
> > e-mail.  In fact, at a minimum, all domain owners are required to have
> > a postmaster@ address.
> At the risk of reaching my posting limit - you are simply asserting these
> things.  There have *never* been "responsibilities" associated with having
> a domain name beyond having a couple of servers geographically separated
> (a requirement often ignorred.) There has *never* been a requirement that
> there be a "postmaster" address - and that would be a strange requirement
> indeed in these days of people who think of the net as a web-only
> experience.

Humm, I respectifuly disagree.
At least two name servers, yes, but I do not recall "a couple of servers
geographically separated" as requirement.

The RFC1591 http://www.isi.edu/in-notes/rfc1591.txt
stands for all domain names, not only TLD, and is explicit
on recursivity (which includes email connectivity).
The "postmaster" comes from RFC1123 if I recall, and says that
that email connectivity to a "domain.tld", imply at least 
postmaster@domain.tld (i.e. the one who deals with the SMTP).

   1) The key requirement is that for each domain there be a designated
      manager for supervising that domain's name space.  In the case of
      top-level domains that are country codes this means that there is
      a manager that supervises the domain names and operates the domain
      name system in that country.

      The manager must, of course, be on the Internet.  There must be
      Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity to the nameservers and email
      connectivity to the management and staff of the manager.

      There must be an administrative contact and a technical contact
      for each domain.  For top-level domains that are country codes at
      least the administrative contact must reside in the country

      There are no requirements on subdomains of top-level domains
      beyond the requirements on higher-level domains themselves.  That
      is, the requirements in this memo are applied recursively.

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