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Re: [ga] ICANN reimburse $75,000 to GAC for GAC secretariat


You wrote:

>...  The ability of ICANN to make a quick decision to deal with an
>immediate issue is a great example of the advantages of a private sector
>body over a governmental body -- or in other words, the justification for a
>body like ICANN.

This is ridiculous.

There are hundreds of international committees that have Chairpersons and 
Secretariat, whose members are governments or other equally bureaucratic 
organizations, who work perfectly well.
The difference is that in committees in serious international organizations 
a member state is not allowed to say "I resign", then "Oh, well, on second 
thoughts, I don´t resign, but, guess what, you have to pay me" just to avoid 
another member to take the chairmanship.
I have followed the proceedings of hundreds of international committees, 
personally participated in several, and it is the first time that I have 
witnessed such a guignolade.
This anecdote shows exactly the opposite than what Joe claims. In fact, if 
ICANN was an international organization this thing would just not have 
happened in first place.

Incidentally, I am a little bit worried by the claim that to use funds 
collected for providing a public service in such a creative and flexible way 
is an advantage. What´s next? Funding the November elections, with the 
rationale that lobbying US Congress can be good for the future of the 
Internet? Well, for a California corporation it will be pretty normal, and 
an undoubtful advantage over an intergovernmental body.


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