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Re: [ga] RE: At-Large Supporting Organization

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From: "Jonathan Weinberg" <weinberg@mail.msen.com>

" I think it's mystification to suggest that there should be no public debate
on this issue until the ALAG releases its proposals for Blueprint implementation."

Why do you think there has to be anything done in public ? ICANN is a private company.

It would seem to be more important for ICANN to quickly decide on what they are
going to do with all of the money that will be flowing in from domain sales and address leasing.
The Board will of course likely allocate themselves enough money to cover their regional
offices. Then 100s of staffers will have to be hired, to relieve the "volunteers" of their duties.
A real CEO will be needed who is capable of running a $100 million dollar per year company.
The Board can then direct the CEO to look into the "AL" issues in a few years. In the short-term
revenue generation would have to be the main focus. R&D will have to be staffed and some
labs will have to be constructed. With DNS servers costing $500,000 each, a dozen of those
will be a $6,000,000 line item. If you factor in the Homeland Security costs, the budget will
likely have to be increased. Secure systems cost more. All the insiders who will be hired will
be very expensive. Why do you think .ARPA required so much funding over the years ?

Jim Fleming
2002:[IPv4]:000X:03DB:...IPv8 is closer than you think...
0:0 .ARPA

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