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[ga] Getting to effective and meaningful... and staying focused...


As chair, it is inappropriate for me to provide an 'answer' to work which the TF 
is undertaking. I noted that Danny Younger's questions were very pertinent. And, 
the GA rep forwarded to the TF. 

I don't prejudge the outcome of the work of the TF. When I was elected chair, I 
noted that I intended to try to manage the process,NOT lobby the outcome. The BC 
has a different representative than me on the TF.  

So, no, I won't be answering the question from my personal view. And, no, it isn't spin. 

It is responsible chairpersonship... :-)

So, no, you can't expect anything further from me on this until the TF delivers 
their views..... 

You can, and should expect to see, further consideration within the TF. IF they agree 
that this is a priority. They have a lot of work to do.  Let's be sure that we understand
that the TF needs to set priorities... 

I've got my priorities straight: Focus on facilitating the work of the TF to achieve 
supportable processes and policy.

Noise isn't a useful way to contribute... if one wants a balanced outcome, reflective 
of the broad interests of the Internet.... Meaningful work, which includes effective outreach, 
from well intentioned people ...is......

Now that sounds like something you could support, Jeff.


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Subject: Marilyn Cades non-answer to: Re: [ga] RE: Redemption Grace
Periods for Deleted Names

Marilyn and all assembly members,

  You didn't answer Danny's question at all Marilyn.  Why is that
I wonder???  Could you please directly answer Danny's question
Marilyn?  Or can we expect more spin in your responses to questions?
Please advise.

Cade,Marilyn S - LGA wrote:

> Excellent questions. Dan, can you forward to the Transfer Task Force?
> Thanks... good idea to address this very early... we had just started trying
> to sort through the linkage, Danny, but your insights are very helpful.
> Marilyn
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> From: DannyYounger@cs.com [mailto:DannyYounger@cs.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2002 6:28 PM
> To: Cade,Marilyn S - LGA
> Cc: ga@dnso.org
> Subject: Redemption Grace Periods for Deleted Names
> Marilyn,
> I have a question regarding one aspect of the work of your Transfers Task
> Force concerning inter-registrar transfers during the Delete Pending period.
> The Technical Steering Group's Implementation Proposal "determined that it
> would not be practical to implement inter-registrar transfers of deleted
> names in Stage 1. Instead, it is proposed that six months after this
> Redemption Grace Period Proposal is adopted, ICANN's President should
> re-convene this (or a similar) Technical Steering Group to review the
> implementation of the Redemption Grace Period, to suggest possible
> improvements to the Redemption Grace Period, and to develop a specification
> for Stage 2 of the implementation of the Redemption Grace Period, which will
> enable registrants to choose the ‚EURoerestoring‚EURĚ registrar.'
> The Technical Steering Group believed that "allowing registrants to choose
> the redeeming registrar will introduce numerous technical and operational
> complications into the system", and "that the best course of action would be
> to reserve implementation of registrar choice until a second stage".
> Do the members of your TF share the assessment of the Technical Steering
> Group that such considerations should be postponed another six months?  Will
> your TF examine this issue, or will it defer the matter to the Steering Group
> as proposed above?  I would think that when a registrant has found
> himself/herself in need of the Redemption Grace Period that a fair amount of
> enmity would exist between the registrant and the current registrar... in
> such circumstances, might it not be appropriate to expeditiously facilitate a
> transfer?
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