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Re: [ga] PROJECT: A Quantitative Evaluation of DNS as a Directory Service

Monday, July 01, 2002, 12:20:33 PM, Ben Edelman wrote:

> GA members have on multiple occasions discussed the extent to which DNS does
> or does not provide directory-like services -- with DNS designer Paul Vixie
> pointing out that this is not the purpose for which DNS was designed, but
> with millions of users continuing to use DNS in this way.

> In my "DNS as a Search Engine: A Quantitative Evaluation," I attempt to
> investigate and quantify the success with which the DNS provides services
> similar to a search engine or directory system.  I first find that DNS is
> nearly as accurate as Google among a sample of the world's largest brands.
> However, for smaller brands, smaller companies, and less selective
> educational institutions, DNS's accuracy is substantially worse than
> Google's.  These results suggest that while DNS well serves the needs of the
> largest companies, it is less successful in providing intuitive naming
> services to small businesses and other smaller organizations.

This last sentence is flawed, Ben, in that it is again based on the
principle that doing what you are suggesting is the purpose of DNS.

Just because something CAN be used for some in a fashion, does not
mean that it is, was, or should be intended to work that way, or that
it should work that way for all people.  Search engines and other
directory services are the way to go for that.

And that is the best conclusion that could be made from your study.

Best regards,
William X Walsh <william@wxsoft.info>
Save Internet Radio!  
CARP will kill Webcasting!

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