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Re: [ga] RE: Help with research into domain reregistration - submit examples of unrelated reregistrations

Hello again,

--- Ben Edelman <edelman@law.harvard.edu> wrote:
> expiration).  It is for precisely this question that I seek help from
> this
> list -- help in finding other examples, other than Tina, of content
> distributed in this way.

Another method to generate target domains for further analysis is to
search the Zone Files for domains with "interesting" name servers (i.e.
nameservers that are often used by abusive registrants). This has an
inherent selection bias, though.

An even better approach would be to compare two snapshots of zone data
that are say 1 year apart (e.g. April 13, 2001 and April 13, 2002). By
removing all names where the nameservers stayed the same, one can
generate a new list of "interesting" domains that can be further
filtered using your other tools. Perhaps using automated WHOIS tools to
determine if the registrar changed would allow one to filter this list
even further (and also looking for typical abusive registrant
information, such as missing addresses, etc.).

One can get access to the Zone File by making a request at:


Perhaps someone at Verisign can provide an archived zone file to you
for research, to allow for that "snapshot" of the past for comparison.


George Kirikos

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