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Re: [ga] Independent Review Panel?

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From: "Joop Teernstra" <terastra@terabytz.co.nz>
To: "Thomas Roessler" <roessler@does-not-exist.org>
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Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2002 12:17 PM
Subject: Re: [ga] Independent Review Panel?

> At 00:49 11/04/02 +0200, Thomas Roessler wrote:
> >It is well-known by now that, in the Lynn proposal, an independent
> >review panel is characterized as a "waste."
> >
> >What do you folks think about this?
> The original proposals for an Independent Review Panel are good and they
> are a necessary component of  ICANN's structure as originally envisaged.
> That they have not been implemented is a crying shame.
> With due respect, Thomas, I think it is misguided to now start casting
> about  for watered-down alternatives.
> The only idea that I like is that of an industry Ombudsman, but this
> could be separate from ICANN altogether and should not be used for review
> of Board decisions.
As a member of the IRAC , I can say this was one of the early successes of
ICANN - a policy worked out by an industry led group in transparent bottom
up style, passed to the board posted for public comment and approved by the

What's gone wrong, while I and others have had our eyes elsewhere seems to
be the  implementation by means of a nominating committee. Nominating
committees  seem to be a problem in ICANN. I strongly suspect their
efficiency, in general, preferring a democratic process. Even if cumbersome,
its still better than anything yet invented.

The problem here to be fair, seems to rest with the SO' who appointed their
reps to this panel, but have not followed up. I am not aware of any dialogue
between, for eg our DNSO reps to this panel ( Scott Hemphill and Olivier
Iteanu) and the DNBSO constituencies.

Scott Hemphill was one of 3 panellists who forwarded a list of 9 names to
the Board, but no other members voted. Why not? Especially, why did our
other rep  (Olivier Iteanu) disagree with or not support/provide alternates
to  Mr Hemphill's slate of names???

Why was the public call for nominations only open for one month -June to
July, when the Northern hemisphere goes on holiday?

If we had some focus on the panel, and empanelled  a new group soon, would
the whole policy need review?

I urge the NC to take up the issue of our representation on the Panel, with
a view to fixing this aspect, and not throwing out the whole process because
of this failure.


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