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[ga] Independent Review Panel?

It is well-known by now that, in the Lynn proposal, an independent
review panel is characterized as a "waste."

What do you folks think about this?

More specifically, with respect to ICANN policy-making, what 
mechanisms for review of board decisions should be installed, if 
any?  How should the individuals serving on such a panel be 
selected?  By whom?  What powers should they have?

Let me give some possible options:

 - Review mechanisms:

   * Ombudsman (or team) who may be used as an input channel to raise 
     public concern, combined with a wise board which takes this 
     kind of input into account.

   * Independent review panel which can overturn or stall decisions. 
     (Maybe including an option for a particular, limited kind of 
     board action which could in turn overturn a decision by the 
     review panel.  Require special permit from stakeholder 
     representatives [SO councils] to overturn decisions. ...)

   * Dept. of Commerce

   * European Commission.

   * The Board Does Not Make Mistakes.

 - How to select individuals (if internal review): Define quality 
   requirements, define maximum term on panel; both properties 
   depending on powers given. Then:

   * Nomination committee which is itself selected by board or 

   * Direct election by stakeholders.
   * Direct election by board.
   * Any combination of the above.
Any thoughts?  Any creative ideas?
Thomas Roessler                          http://log.does-not-exist.org/
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